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Gail.jpg (49510 bytes)An English major with a degree from Tufts University and a Master's Degree in
Early Childhood Education from the University of South Alabama, Gail Kennedy remembers writing her first book in second grade.

Gail is a transplanted Yankee who loves the South and football with a passion. Shortly after moving to Mobile (many moons ago), she discovered her great-grandfather had resided there one hundred years earlier. Not only did he join the 12th Alabama and fight under General Lee, but also miraculously he survived the entire war. It had all been a hush, hush, family secret ... but that's another story--a story perhaps she'll write one day.

A senior citizen, having the time of her life launching a new career, married to her college sweetheart, and mother of three children, she's never given up believing love makes the world go round, and she invites you to journey with her while she escapes into the world of make-believe.

tellmenolies_.jpg (26835 bytes)Very late on a foggy night, Cori Latham returns home and accosts a burglar in her home. Much to her chagrin, the burglar turns out to be one of Enterprise's finest, Lieutenant Tucker Malloy. But even more shocking is the realization that she and this man share a past.

Tucker Malloy, the object of her girlhood crush.
Tucker Malloy, her older sister's boyfriend.
Tucker Malloy, the man her family wronged.

She had buried her haunted memories until now...fourteen years later when fate sent Tucker crashing into her life. Ashamed of the evil deed Tucker suffered at the hands of her family, Cori, a widow with a seven year old son, takes comfort in the knowledge her name and girlish appearance have changed. Although she tries to avoid him, the constraints of small town life and mutual friends conspire against her.

As their friendship progresses to sizzling sparks, she wonders if Tucker crossed her path for a purpose: to provide a chance to make amends and purge her guilt. Torn between loyalty to her sister and her newfound desire for Tucker, Cori fights her feelings.

Keeping Tucker means telling him the Truth.
Tell the Truth and risk losing him.
Could he ever forgive her once he knows her secret?

Cover Art by Suzette Cooper

ISBN 1-55316-022-3
Published by LTDBooks

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